Do you worry about leaving your business in the hands of others?

Can't relax, attend your children's important events, or go on vacation without worrying about work?

Fitzhugh Communications provides Integrated Security Systems based on the specific needs of your business. Our systems are setup to keep your business, customers, and employees in the most secure environment possible. Whether you want to check on customer flow, employee productivity or just turn down the thermostat, it's all possible from your mobile device! 




 IP-based integration with software transaction systems

Using Remote Eyes Advanced POS Integration software, connecting your CCTV system with your POS, or access control system is easier, cost effective, more reliable. Remote Eyes uses IP network technology to leapfrog the serial data integration products commonly used in the industry.


Remote Eyes Access Control Integration Systems

Completely scalable and customizable to meet any demand for your property.Watch this short video to see how Access Control Integration Systems work.




Enjoy superior video surveillance with Panasonic's system.

The WJ-NV300 is a standalone, PC-less, network video recording solution. The system comes ready to deliver full camera viewing, control, and full HD video recording through built-in mouse driven interface.  The WJ-NV300 now features dual screen HDMI outputs, comes standard with 16 full HD recording Channels and is field expandable up 32 channels.  The unit supports a total recording bandwidth of 128 Mbps, twice the rate of its predecessor, the NV200. Compatible with the WJ-HD400 hard disk RAID memory expansion unit, extending the system’s local video storage up to 80TB. 


Incredibly easily installation and setup

The system’s plug and play installation enables users to go from set up to operation in minutes.  Just about all features can be accessed from the main display without having to run a PC. The system offers full camera viewing, control, and recording capabilities through a built in, mouse-driven graphical interface. The Dual HDMI Outputs all the system to operate with a main and sub-monitor configuration.  The NV300 offers quick intuitive search with calendar and timeline search options. The NV300 comes pre-installed with 16 full HD recording camera lenses. This system is Field-expandable to support up to 32 changes with the optional WJ-NVE30 Additional Camera Kit. Live images for all 32 camas can be displayed simultaneously.


Expandable storage, up to 80 Terabytes

The NV300 comes standard with two internal HDD slots that can store up to 8TB of data. The Optional EJ-HD400 hard disk RAID-capable expansion unit the, extending the unit’s local video storage up to 80TB. This would provide enough memory to store continuous full HD video recording at 30fps from 32 cameras for over three months.  


FREE Android and Apple IOS apps for remote access 

Enjoy remote access to your video feeds with Panasonic’s free Security Viewer app, available on both Android and Apple mobile devices. Panasonic’s Re-encoding technology provides smooth viewing, even with slow network connection.


Supports Panasonic’s 360-Degree IP Cameras

When Paired with Panasonic’s 360-degree IP Cameras, the NV300 effectively eliminates blind areas. The NV300 stores the entire picture captured by the 360-degree camera, then de-warps and plays back the recorded images- without a PC.


Temperature Control









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